Armieda, helping women create perfect relationships one snip at a time!

The reason I’m writing this blog is because I saw the ad above today at the movie theatre about a cosmetic company, apparently the largest one in India, and it literally made my jaw drop! We all know cosmetic surgery exists, and for the most part, it is easy to determine whether a person has had it before. This blog is not to say that cosmetic surgery is bad or trying to reason why I’m against it or anything along those lines, because above all I believe that it is an individual’s right to do what he or she wants with his or her own body.

Like I said, I came across this ad while I was at the theatre watching Hunger Games (for the second time, if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it!) and it came on during the intermission. The scenario in which the video starts off is a couple looking at each other; the man looking at the woman in contempt and the woman looking back sad, depressed and even a little ashamed. The first thought that came into my mind was that she was in a relationship facing domestic violence and this was a commercial that was for domestic violence awareness….but that was not the case. The next scene portrays the woman waking up looking flawless and there’s written commentary saying: “complete make-over”. That’s when it clicked that it was a cosmetic surgery commercial. The next few scenes elucidate on the different parts of the body the woman can fix through the help of this wonderful company. It’s fascinating to see how beautiful a person can become after the help of a little snip here or a tuck there. Armieda can help if you need aesthetic dentistry, laser hair treatment, anti ageing treatment, liposuction (especially if you have no fat to begin with, it makes their job that much easier!), skin improvement and even hair rejuvenation! All in all, Armieda can make you a whole new person in a time period that it takes for your husband to return from an international business meeting! They must have a team of magicians in their employ.

Apart from the fact that Armieda can work such miracles, their commercial also conveys some interesting points for both men and women, so I’m just going to break down the important points here, cause if you don’t know this already, life is going to be really difficult for you!

1) Women, if your teeth aren’t perfect, if your skin lacks lustre, if you have an extra inch of fat anywhere on your body, or God forbid a little fuzziness on your arms, legs or lady bits, then your partner will instantly fall out of love with you and look at you with nothing but disdain.
2) If you want to win your asshole of a partner back, you must do everything in your power to fix all the above problems! If you don’t, then you will either live in an unhappy relationship or be kicked to the curb once your partner finds someone who is willing to please him/her.
3) If you choose the option to go through plastic surgery, liposuction or whatever else you need to do to look inhumanly perfect, your partner will come back to you and embrace you with open arms and love you for all eternity, or until the effects of the cosmetic surgery wears off or until you develop any serious health issues from all those chemicals.

1) You don’t have to be particularly good looking, actually you can look like a heap of potatoes and still manage to find a beautiful woman to love you.
2) You can be a total jackass and still find a beautiful woman to love you.
3) You can treat your woman like complete and utter shit and still have her love you.
4) If you treat your woman like complete and utter shit, she will go to insane lengths to please and win your approval and affection.
5) Once she has gone to those lengths to please you, only then should you be an actual human being to her and treat her well. She doesn’t deserve flowers unless and until you’re fulfilled by her.
6) If you have any flaws, she may point them out, but she’s only joking! She loves you flaws and all, but she doesn’t ask you to reciprocate that. What a win win situation for you, and you deserve it!

I cannot express to Armieda or to the viewers how deeply this commercial affected me. While watching the video, please take note of the lyrics of the song in the background as well. It puts the whole commercial together fantastically.

Sarcasm and satire aside, it’s advertisements like these that in the words of Armieda need a “complete makeover”. There are so many things wrong with this commercial that words cannot do it justice! Women have gone through so much suffering and torture to stand where we are now, and there are millions still enduring pain in order to achieve a better stature in the world. Patriarchy still dominates us wherever we go, and in any field of work, women are continuously put down and told we aren’t good enough. Women are told that it’s our beauty that makes us who they are, we are nothing of substance, just something pretty to look at. If a woman isn’t pretty, then she is scrutinized even more and made to feel ashamed, as though she is nothing without it, as if she has failed as a human being. Why is it that in this day and age women are still made to feel as if we are someone else’s property? Why are women still objectified in such a harsh manner? Why are we continuously told how we need to look, what we need to wear by an outsider in order for us to be happy or in order to make someone else happy? Advertisements such as these need to be banned because of their clear and obnoxious use of gender biases that continue to promote ideals of patriarchy that persistently propel men into believing that they have the right to treat women like this, and coerce women into believing that they should accept being treated in such a manner. No one deserves to be told that s/he is no better than what s/he looks like, and no one deserves to be regarded as worthless for looking a certain way. If a person wants to get plastic surgery done, it is his or her own prerogative, but that person should never feel that s/he needs to get it done to impress or please anyone else. We need to stand up to companies such as these and demand them to give women a better voice, to stop degrading us and subjecting us to scrutiny wherever we turn. Men do not face the same type of judgement in their appearance, and as seen in this commercial, they aren’t told to change by women even if they may have a flaw or two. Women, however, are held up to expectations of unattainable perfection.

Companies such as Armieda have convinced the masses and we have, without realizing it, given up our own opinions about beauty and accepted theirs. We have become slaves of the mass media and we need to free ourselves from it’s grasps. I do not claim to know how to make this change possible, but I know social ideals that have been strictly ingrained into every facet of living are excruciatingly complex to transform, but it needs to happen. It starts with at least bringing awareness to the issue at hand and then attempting to readjust little issues that can hopefully lead to the bigger ones. Well our right to vote has been accomplished, now we need to remodel the world to start viewing women as equal counterparts of men. We are both needed for the survival of our species and the sooner we accept that, we can work together to solve even bigger problems, such as the preservation of our planet!

If you would like to join me in my quest to get Armieda to take accountability for their advertisements, to stop airing the current one and putting forth better messages, please sign my petition, for which, the link will be posted at the bottom! Remember that change does start with one person, and even if you feel like your one voice won’t make a difference, think of how many people decide not to do anything for that very same reason. So even if you don’t want to sign this one, sign on an issue that does stand out to you or you feel strongly about! If you would like to join the discussion or share your opinions or thoughts, feel free to leave a comment.


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